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    How do I create a QR Code for my PDF menu?

    How do I switch lunch and dinner menu?

    How do I create multi-language menus?

    How do I create a QR Code for my PDF Menu?

    • First go to PDF QR Code section.
    • Then upload a PDF file and click Create QR Code.
    • Optionally you can:
    1. 1 set a name for your menu
    2. 2 add a description
    3. 3 upload a title image
    4. 4 enable direct download
    5. 5 set your prefered colors
    6. 6 use your own shortened url
    PDF QR Code

    Frequently asked Questions

    How do I change my menu?

    You can change your PDF menu anytime and keep the same QR Code. Click on Edit next to the QR Code and replace your menu by selecting or uploading a new PDF document.

    How can I view the PDF menu directly without an intermediate page?

    You can activate the direct download option of the PDF file without an intermediate page. It works well with Apple devices, since they can display the PDF file directly in the browser after scanning the QR code. This option is not recommended on Android devices, since a download usually takes place in the background and the PDF file is not immediately displayed.

    How do I create multilingual menus for a QR code?

    With a multilingual QR code, the appropriate PDF menu is displayed when scanning, depending on the language set on the user's device. Learn how to assign multiple PDF menus in different languages ​​to a QR code.

    1. Upload the the PDF files for each language

    Go to your Media section and upload all PDF files in the different languages ​​you want to make available (Example: menus in English, German and Spanish)

    PDF Dateien Upload

    2. Create the PDF QR Codes

    Create a PDF QR Code with each of the PDF files you uploaded in the previous step. Click on New QR Code, select PDF type and assign the PDF file to a QR code for each language.

    Here you can also add a name, a title, a description, a cover picture, set the appropriate colours and specify whether the user can download the PDF directly or whether a preview is displayed first.

    3. Create the multilingual PDF QR code

    After you have created all PDF QR codes, you can now create a multilingual QR code.

    Click on New QR Code, select the Multi Language type and create a new rule for each language..

    create mulitlingual PDF QR Code

    4. Associate each language rule with a PDF file

    Copy the short URL of each PDF QR Code you created in the previous step into each of the languages ​​you want to offer.

    Remember that the first url is also the fallback url. If the user requests a language that you do not have, it will be used.

    How do I repeatedly change the lunch and dinner menu?

    If a person scans a QR code for which recurring redirects are stored, the user is redirected to a specific menu depending on the time and day of the week.

    If a person scans a QR code for which recurring redirects are stored, the user is redirected to a specific menu depending on the time and day of the week. This is useful if you want to present special menus for your guests on certain days. In this tutorial you will learn how to create recurring redirects for digital menu cards in PDF format's

    1. Upload PDF files

    Go to the Media section and upload all PDF files that you want to use for a recurring forwarding.

    In addition to your main menu, you can, for example, create a PDF menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner and happy hour.

    PDF Dateien Upload

    2. Create QR codes

    Now create a separate QR code for each PDF menu.

    To do this, click on New QR Code, select PDF type. If you click on Upload PDF, you can link an uploaded PDF file with the code.

    For each QR code you can optionally also

    1. 1 define a name
    2. 2 add a description
    3. 3 upload a cover photo
    4. 4 choose between direct download and preview view
    5. 5 set custom colors
    6. 6 assign a user-defined URL
    PDF QR Code erstellen

    3. Activate the scheduled redirections

    After you have created all QR codes, you can now activate timers for your main menu card by clicking on the Scheduler menu item under Options.

    QR Code Scheduler aktivieren

    4. Create rules

    Activate the "Activate / deactivate time-controlled forwarding" switch and click on the Recurring forwarding tab . To add a forwarding for the QR code click on the plus symbol.

    Wiederkehrende Weiterleitungen für QR Codes erstellen

    Then copy the user-defined URL from a PDF QR code that you specified in step 3 under point 6 and paste it as the target URL for the recurring redirect.

    The selection of the day of the week and the time interval is optional. Then click on Set destination URL to confirm your entry. In the following screenshot, a daily forwarding between twelve and three o'clock to the lunch menu was created.

    To also create recurring redirects for your menus for breakfast, dinner and happy hour, repeat the process described above. You can add as many recurring redirects as you want.

    Wiederkehrende Weiterleitung bearbeiten

    Please note that...

    • the redirects are carried out in the order in which they are displayed.
    • if no specific day of the week is selected, the added rule applies daily.
    • if you do not enter a time for a certain forwarding, 00:00 is assumed for the start time and 23:59:59 for the end time.
    • Redirects for a specific day of the week are preferred over daily-based redirects.
    QR Codes zeitgesteuerte Weiterleitung Übersicht

    Frequently asked questions

    Do I have to use PDF QR Codes to create recurring redirects?

    No. You can create a dynamic QR code and set up recurring redirects for it, which link to any website.

    What time is taken into account in the time-controlled QR code forwarding process? For example, I'm based in Mexico, a different time zone than my customers are in.

    With the time-controlled QR code forwarding, the time zone of the user is taken into account, ie if a user scans a QR code with his smartphone at 3:30 pm local time, this time is used for the time-controlled forwarding.

    Can I set up a time-controlled forwarding for a social QR code, a digital business card or a coupon landing page?

    Timed QR code redirects cannot be added to landing pages. Instead, create a dynamic QR code with time-controlled redirects to the respective landing pages.

    Contact Tracing for COVID19

    If you have to register your guests at the entrance, you can easily provide this via digital forms using a QR code. Click the button below to create a digital guest list.

    Create a tracing form

    The registration form can now be adapted according to your requirements:

    Create Digital guestlist
    1. 1 Upload a logo or picture to personalize the form
    2. 2 You can add, change or delete your own input fields
    3. 3 With the optional CheckIn / CheckOut function, your guests can check out again after leaving
    4. 4 After a guest has registered, you can optionally redirect them to a website or a digital menu
    5. 5 The registration is GDPR compliant and all contact details older than 28 days are automatically deleted

    Frequently asked questions

    Where and how long is the guest data stored?

    We store all data securely in our data center in Vienna. The data never leaves the European Union. If a contact is older than 28 days, he is automatically deleted.

    Are guests automatically logged out after a certain amount of time?

    In the Checkout tab, you can specify a period where your guests are automatically checked out if a guest doesn't do it themselves.

    Which data are recorded exactly?

    The guest registration form contains the following optional fields. However, you can add, delete and edit them anytime.

    • First name
    • Last name
    • Phone number
    • E-Mail
    • Table number
    • Date
    • Time

    How do I submit the data to the health authority?

    You can send the data to your Download guests as an Excel file and, in the event of a positive COVID test, forward them to the responsible authorities by email. All data can be downloaded at once in the export section or for each guest list individually from the landing page section

    Download all guest lists

    Do my guests have to register every time?

    No. A guest can save his data on his smartphone for further visits. A cookie is stored for this that can be deleted at any time.

    Can I register multiple persons?

    Yes. You can add as many persons you are in company with after you have registered.

    Can I view a digital menu after a guest has registered?

    Yes. You have the option of uploading a PDF file that will be displayed after registration or you can forward to any URL.

    Can I create a unique contact tracing QR code for each of my tables that is assigned to a table number?

    Yes. You can generate any number of contact tracing QR codes and assign a table number to each QR code. This means that the guest does not have to enter a table number when registering.

    I have already linked a QR code to a digital menu with your service. Can I insert the COVID-registration before without having to reprint the QR code?

    Yes. Delete the QR code that links to the menu and make a note of the shortened URL and the destination URL. Now create a contact tracing QR code with the same shortened URL. You can set the shortened URL in the branding section. In the "On Submit"-section, specify the PDF menu or link to the URL with the digital menu.

    Is it mandatory for my customers to provide their contact information before entering my restaurant?

    It will depend on your local regulations. Most of the countries are leaving it up to the individuals to decide if they want to share their info or not and this does not deny the righ to enter the establishment. Some countries even have their own contact tracing App.

    Our solution wants to be useful for companies and institutions to help local authorities with contact tracing tasks.

    Wir machen professionelle Fotos Ihrer Speisen

    Haben Sie Ihre Speisen und Getränke noch nicht digitalisiert? Mit unserem Partner myplate erstellen wir individuelle Speisekarten mit professionellen Fotos.

    Myplate achtet bei den Bildern für die Speisekarte auf spezielle Produktfotografie mit wenig Bildbearbeitung. Die Speisekarte wirkt dadurch authentisch und der Gast kann sich genau vorstellen, was ihn bei der Bestellung des Gerichts erwartet.

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    Caution: NEVER use a fb:// prefix in your Facebook URL.

    Just copy & paste the Facebook page URL with the https:// protocol from the browsers address bar. The QR Code automagically redirects the user directly in the die Facebook App, if installed on the mobile phone. If the Facebook App is not installed, the Facebook page is opened in the browser of the mobile device as fallback.

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    Create a Geo QR Code to direct a user to a specific location. After the user scans the QR Code on his smartphone, the map application opens and navigates the user to the given GPS coordinates.

    Please first set a Google API Key user settings


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